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In today’s day and age, brand name medication prices are rising quickly. The average person with Type 1 diabetes could spend over $5,000 per year on insulin alone! Plus, it’s not only insulin. Since 2013, the average price of asthma inhalers has gone from $280 all the way up to over $375 now. The average cash price for Symbicort, a popular asthma inhaler, is currently $346 dollars, according to GoodRx. Brand name medications prices are going up across the board, health insurance companies are covering less and less medications, and it’s no wonder why so many people are searching for a way to get their medications at an affordable price.

People say that laughter is an instant vacation, but that’s a load of malarkey. The truth is, vacation is way better for us than a good chuckle, and jet-setting should never be minimized by being compared to something like giggling. Seriously, science shows us that taking a break from work and heading off on a dopamine-inducing respite is invaluable to our health. The mental revitalization that we feel as a result of taking a trip has been documented time and again. Plus, overworking can literally kill you before it’s your time to go. The benefits of travel combined with the danger of overworking mean that every employee needs to take advantage of their vacation days.