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Hey there busy lady!! I see you. You’re so busy taking care of your family, showing up in your career, and managing to be there when your friends need you, too. You’ve got a lot on your plate, but you’re okay with it because you absolutely love caring for those in your life! I totally get it! But did you know that unless you’re adding yourself to the equation, unless you’re showing up for you, you’re actually not serving all those people you care so deeply about?

How’s hearing that make you feel?

The beauty behind the sickening news, though, is that you have the power to make the choice to show up for you in order to love on those you care about even more!

Here are three ways you can ensure that you are effectively recharging your battery in order to show up in your life in a higher-vibe state!


  1. Conquer Your Time Management 

How you manage your time is KEY when it comes to making sure that you are effectively recharging. If you don’t have a hold of your time, you’re just doing things when you can for as long as you can, and you aren’t aware of where your time is going, I’m going to be honest with you… your time is all over the place. When this is the case and you decide to take time for you, it’s not going to be effective. You may get in 5 minutes here or 30 minutes there, but you’re not PRESENT. Your mind is thinking about what you’re going to do next or where you need to be. In order to effectively recharge, you need to be present in the moment without the worry of what’s to come next taking over you. Once you have a solid management system in place for your time, you’ll be able to fully dedicate yourself to your recharge.


  1. Get Clear on What Recharges YOU!

People are everywhere talking about how they recharge. Some may say it’s through meditation, some through traveling, some through spending time with their family. What you need to be aware of is that you can’t live someone else’s story. What recharges your neighbor, doesn’t necessarily work for your coworker. What gets your sister motivated to go out and take on the world will not always be what gets your juices flowing. You need to discover what works for YOU! You’ll know if it’s yours or not. If you’re not excited to do the activity, if you leave feeling worse than when you started, it’s not for you. Give things a try. It may take awhile to find that thing that gets you feeling like you’re the queen of the world, but you’ll find it!


  1. Set Boundaries

What’s most important about recharging is that you actually DO IT, and you don’t let others get in the way! In order to do that you need to have boundaries set around your ‘recharge time.’ This may be hard for your loved ones to grasp at first, especially if you’re someone who has never set boundaries and just show up for them whenever they need, but as time moves along they’ll realize how beneficial this is for you and for them as well!

Now, get out there and recharge that battery of yours!!


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